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Who Invented The Sci-Fi?

Who Invented the Sci-Fi?

Who invented the Sci-Fi? That’s a very good question. Of course, no one person wrote or published any of the works of science fiction that we recognize today.

The Origin

The term ‘Science Fiction’ came from Robert Heinlein in his 1954 book Time Enough for Love. A revision of the Greek words, Sci Fi literally means ‘the dream of science’. It was then a term for works written by people with dreams of someday becoming professional writers.

Which books were called Sci-Fi when they were first published? Well, their writers weren’t always sure. Some consider the definition as open-ended, while others feel that it’s a one-way street. But whoever wrote the definition of Sci-Fi was clearly a visionary.

Who Invented the Sci-Fi?
Who Invented The Sci-Fi?

Now, let’s look at the original definition of Sci-Fi. According to Wikipedia, “Sci-Fi is an American science fiction genre created and developed by William F. Nolan and set in the future in which technology and modern elements are combined with themes of the new frontier.” So, it sounds like a novel.

Users Like Adventure

Indeed, Sci Fi was and is still read by many readers who enjoy technological advancements and bold adventure. Who invented Sci Fi? Some say it was the pulp magazines that helped create the genre, but that doesn’t explain why the term stuck.

Any literary novel could be labeled Sci-Fi as long as it was written by someone who made a bold move for such a novel. So, if you were willing to take that risk, you can call your work Sci-Fi.

Who Invented the Sci-Fi?
Who Invented The Sci-Fi?

As soon as you find a truly novel Sci Fi novel you will have found who invented Sci Fi. The Sci Fi Writers of the 1930s was clearly a creative bunch. They mixed new ideas with exciting innovations and wrote gripping novels that captured the imagination of readers.

It’s not an accident that most of the pulp and mainstream magazines that began in the late 1920s began calling their books Sci-Fi. It became a label that they liked best.


Who invented Sci Fi? That’s easy; it was the talent that dreamed of being an author. If you were so passionate about your writing that you vowed to write the best SF novels you could, and if you took the brave step to go out on your own and publish your work, then you became a Sci Fi writer.

Perhaps you will be proud someday to say you were one of the great Sci Fi writers of all time. And for that you owe a big thank you to the great “Pulp” magazines, and science fiction fans all over the world. Thank you for believing in your talent, and allowing you to join the group of Sci Fi Pioneers.

If you are even considering publishing your own Sci-Fi novel, I hope this article has encouraged you to write about your ideas and to gather your thoughts before you begin writing. I can assure you, that it will be worth your while to try.

Bottom Line

So, who invented Sci-Fi? I would like to think that this article is a good start. Please feel free to visit my website, visit my blogs, and follow me on Twitter @krisruthers

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