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What Are The Benefits Of Information Technology Governance Model

information technology governance model

The IT model consists of structure, leadership, compliance, and framework that lead to faster and sustainable growth for an organization. It has become an integral part of enterprise governance in recent years. Organizations as well as the government is spending money, time, and effort to implement the Information Technology Governance Model. High penetration of digital devices and faster availability of internet data is pushing the expansion further.

There must be some solid reasons behind the fast adoption of this model in our working society. These are some benefits.

Helps In Achieving Organizational Goals And Strategy

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Digital is the future, and an organization non-aligning with this trend is sure to lose business prospects. Since covid- 19 occurrences, the importance of the Information Technology Governance Model has increased more. People now prefer to shop, learn, study, entertain from the comfort of their homes. Going out for non-essential work has become a complete NO for all. People are spending more hours online than anywhere else that gives a good customer base for companies.

Support Compliance And Quality Check

It is easy to take filtered reports in an IT model. Some software is self-reliant in forecasting sales, submitting tax compliance to authority, and giving you business insights. Sales pipeline, customer relationship management, staff scheduling system, inventory management systems, facility management system had made it easy to monitor the quality and rectify the issues if any.

Cost-Effective And Complete Value For Money

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In the short term, it might sound like a costly affair. An organization is required to invest in a computer, internet, different software, customization of a digital system, Computer peripherals, mobile applications, etc., but when all the systems are in place, you save money. Training employees for the information technology governance model is another challenge for organizations. However, once all the system are in place and human resource are trained, an organization saves cost on training, productivity, quality check-ups, compliance, reporting, staff punctuality, etc.,

IT Reduces Data Risk

In the traditional method, leakage of paper-based data is comparatively easy. Compilation of large data and storing it for future issues is another challenge for organizations. It takes days to prepare a report from the past by collecting all the relevant data. However, the Information Technology Governance Model makes the whole process easy and safe. It is impossible to hack the system and steal the data. Difficult password policy, anti-virus installation, access-based user access, biometric or facial recognition-based log-in system make the whole framework robust.

Process Optimization And Performance Measurement

The IT model gives the power into the hands of managers and owners to optimize the process. Integration of different verticals provides reliable and accurate data and based on that performance measurement also becomes easy.


It’s time to align the business objectives with the IT department and make the full use of Information Technology Governance Model.

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