Top 5 Isaac Asimov Accurate Predictions About The Future

Top 5 Isaac Asimov Accurate Predictions About Future

The name Isaac Asimov should come to mind whenever you think of robots. Before scientists started to work on robots, Isaac Asimov was the one who made us understand it. He wrote many sci-fi books covering fantasy and mysteries that made the readers curious.

For a quicker understanding, the 2004 movie ‘I Robot’ starred by Will Smith was based on Isaac Asimov’s story. The “three laws of robotics” that he mentioned in his book is a staple element you can see in robotic movies.

He was a Biochemistry professor at Boston University and soon became popular through his fiction works. In 1989 he wrote special articles for robotic enthusiasts. Most of his ideas were true and his thoughts can relate the modern situations.

Future Predictions By Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov used many of his predictions in his essays and stories. His predictions on technology are relevant and let us see some of them.

1. Easy Food Preparation

We make coffees in coffee makers and have processed foods when we are in a hurry. This is what Isaac Asimov stated in his works.

His predictions were true that most gadgets will sit in our homes to make food. Today we have water heaters to boil and grillers. He also mentioned the idea of ordering the food the night before for an easy breakfast.

2. Three Dimensional Movies

Isaac Asimov already stated that wall screens will replace huge television sets in our homes. Most of us are indeed using slim LED monitors.

He also mentioned that transparent three-dimensional cubes of viewing objects are possible. We are enjoying many three dimensional movies in theatres which were one of his predictions.

3. Digital Reading

Top 5 Isaac Asimov Accurate Predictions About Future
Top 5 Isaac Asimov Accurate Predictions About The Future

Today we read all the popular books through e-readers on smartphones. He has stated the same regarding the use of screens for studying and communicating.

His prediction of communicating using sight as well as sound on screens became true. He also stated that these screens can have different functions like displaying reading materials.

4. Digital Libraries

Today we use digital libraries where you can simply search a book or magazine. The content will be displayed on your device. This is exactly Isaac Asimov predicted in his time.

He predicted that libraries will be moved to homes. He said that the libraries are a mess and finding a book in mass volumes is difficult.

This became true though traditional libraries exist, many people who cannot access them are using digital libraries.

5. Entertainment

Top 5 Isaac Asimov Accurate Predictions About Future
Top 5 Isaac Asimov Accurate Predictions About The Future

He also predicted the future taste of humans on entertainment. To the surprise, he also stated the right century.

He predicted the concept of revealing talents to the globe. We all sing and have some kinds of talents. He said that in the 21st-century one-third of the population will be entertaining the remaining.

If you think of this, it is true. The social media made many people celebrity by their talents.

It is no surprise people are amazed by his thoughts on technology. He was truly a genius who foresaw the human potential to make new things and inventions.   

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