Technology Development Examples: How They Shaped Our Lives?

Technology Development Examples

Examples of technology development are present in all areas of our lives. From the way we communicate and create businesses to the smallest task we do, everything today is dependent on technology. It is only due to the rapid advancement of technology that people across the world has been able to face adversities head-on.

Whether it is the Pandemic, natural disaster or even human-made ones like bomb blasts or chemical plants blasting. Humans have been able to develop resilience and hold on to hope as technology did not allow their lives to stagnate.

Technology Development Examples: The Boom Of The Internet

The internet has been a blessing to humanity. Our ancestors never imagined the world to grow and develop so much. From communicating and holding conferences across cities and countries, the wireless network is helping us take our businesses, companies and talents to a broader set of audience.

Technology Development Examples for you
Technology Development Examples: How They Shaped Our Lives?

It has given jobs to millions of people worldwide and gave exposure to the ones who otherwise wouldn’t. From sending a mail to a prospective client in another continent to booking your hotel room for the upcoming vacation, not one person can deny the power of this network in his/her life.

Technology Development Examples: Introduction Of Artificial Intelligence

In the early-1990s, George Devol, an industrialist, manufactured the first robot that changed the way humans thought about technology. A few decades later, robots were built in all developed countries to carry on with manual jobs like building countless products in a factory, packaging and so on. They are also said to dominate our workplaces shortly, which has many cynics raise their voice.

Contrary to their belief of many people losing out on their livelihood, it is more likely to happen otherwise. People who have creative and logical intelligence can focus on building new things and planning out solutions to existing problems.

Technology Development Examples: Medicine

In the field of medicine, we cannot deny the contribution of technology. Firstly, organ transplant which was first done by Dr Joseph Murray, and it turned out successful. A few decades later, thousands of transplants are happening every year from liver transplant to heart transplant and so on. Moreover, technology has built machines and robots which have made the surgical process easy and effective.

Technology Development Examples in the 21st century
Technology Development Examples: How They Shaped Our Lives?

In future, experts claim that doctors will be required to go through a technology training as robots are most likely to perform operations and other complicated procedures. They only have to command and observe.


In addition to the above benefits, technology has given us things like electronic fund transfer. It helps millions of people today transfer large sums of money to their employees and clients across the world. The smartphones, smartwatch, laptops and drones are boons of technology. The new virtual reality is taking the market by a storm as more and more people are taking a keen interest in them. Small examples like the wireless security camera and digital media are only ever-growing.

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