Some Modern Technology Used In Agriculture -

Some Modern Technology Used In Agriculture

modern technology used in agriculture

What Is Biotechnology?

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Biotechnology is the use of modern technology in agriculture to improve the current crop production. It was first used in agriculture to increase productivity and to reduce the cost of production. The main aim of using modern technology in agriculture is to increase the yield per unit area with less water, fertilizers, and pesticides. In the past, only natural methods were used to improve productivity in agriculture. However, the increasing demand for natural resources has forced people to switch over to more advanced and productive techniques. This article will give a brief insight into some of the modern technologies that are used in agriculture.

Biotechnological Fertilizer

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Biotechnological Fertilizer is an example of an innovative technique. It uses microorganisms that help to convert the waste in the field to nitrate salts that can be directly added to the fertilizer and used for enhancing the fertility of the soil. This kind of fertilizer is very effective, and it also produces less pollution than other common fertilizers. Another advantage of this fertilizer is that it does not require the use of any petroleum products.

Integrated Wires

Integrated Wires is another very effective method of fertilizer application. These use coiled wires on the top of the agricultural plot to collect the rainwater that falls on the field. The collected water is then reused by applying it to the crops’ top to help them grow better. This kind of technology reduces the need for fertilizers by collecting just the right amount of water at the right time.

Automated Management Systems

Automated Management Systems are yet another beneficial application of modern technology in agriculture. It dramatically reduces the physical labor that is required in managing the farm. This helps to increase the productivity of the farm, and at the same time, it also reduces the costs involved in agricultural activities. This system has dramatically helped many farmers control agricultural fields and even control the pests that infest them.

Artificial Intellogenetic Technologies

Artificial Intellogenetic Technologies is yet another highly advanced technology that is used in the agricultural field. This is a computerized system used to precisely control the growth of the crops with the help of genetic patterns. This technology can be programmed to deliver appropriate amounts of fertilizer solutions at the right time without applying the entire fertilizer to the field.

Another important method of applying fertilizer is through the use of feed additives. Feed additives are substances that are added to the fertilizer mix during storage. These additives make the fertilizer more effective and can improve the quality of the fertilizer that is applied. They can enhance the color, taste, and smell of the fertilizer as well.

Final Words

There are other types of technologies that are being successfully used in the agricultural field. One such new technology is irrigation tractors. Water is sent to the soil’s surface, and the robotic arm plows the land by using gravity. This method has reduced labor requirements considerably, and it is less hazardous than the traditional plowing methods. This new and upcoming technology is likely to replace the use of lawnmowers in the future.

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