Role of Technological Advances in Day today Life

A desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a desk

Nowadays, technologies have been growing at a rapid speed. We are in a developing country where everything is developing. Development saves our time, and it brings a lot of innovation in many fields. It gives better learning techniques to students, and people in all professions benefit from technological advances. During the corona pandemic, technological advances help students to study even if they do not go to schools and colleges, and also in the medical field, the technological advances help to treat patients. There are a lot of technological advances in every field. some growing technologies are,

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Internet of things
  3. 5G
  4. Quantum computing
  5. Robotic process automation(RPA)

Artificial Intelligence

A group of people sitting at a table using a laptop

It is one of the growing technologies. The market for artificial intelligence has been growing from a billion to a trillion. By 2025 AI market will increase to 190 billion dollars. Some of the Artificial intelligence applications are navigation apps, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing apps, speech recognition etc. With this technology, the unemployment problem becomes a little bit less. Because it offers a new job. The jobs include programming, testing and maintenance. It also offers high salaries. The salary ranges from 1,25,000 dollars to 1,45,000 dollars per year. It is one of the top new technologies. Some jobs are

  1. AI Engineer
  2. AI Research Scientist
  3. AI Architect

IoT – Internet of Things

A desktop computer sitting on top of a desk

It was briefly called the internet of things. It is one of the growing technologies where all are connected to the internet. It includes home appliances, automobiles, smartphones and even doors also connected to the Internet. The world spending on the Internet of things is 1.1 trillion U.S dollars. By 2030, around 50 billion can use IoT devices. Many of them are already using this technology and gaining benefits from IoT. By this everything becomes safe.

5G Network

It is the short term for the 5th generation. It gives high-speed internet to gadgets. We are moving towards 5G from 2G,3G and 4G. Nowadays every smartphone company is creating 5G applications for their gadgets. Some telecom companies are Nokia Corp, Apple, Tmobile, Verizon and Qualcomm.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing was one of the emerging fields. It is one of the fastest computers than regular computers. Some of the quantum computers brands are Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Splunk. It involves the prevention of coronavirus and is used to develop vaccines. It easily takes queries, monitors and analyzes. It also plays a vital role in banking and finance and is also used for fraud detection. If we want a job in quantum computing we want to know more about 

  1. Quantum mechanics
  2. Probability
  3. Linear algebra
  4. Information theory
  5. Machine learning

Robotic Process Automation

It was shortly called RPA. Nowadays people are replaced by robots. It does all the work even human beings cannot do. It saves the time of human beings and makes work easier and saves time. RPA also creates new jobs. It has plenty of career opportunities and also it offers a high salary. Some jobs are

  1. Business analyst 
  2. Consultant
  3. Solution architect
  4. Project manager
  5. RPA developer
  6. RPA analyst
  7. RPA architect.


Every coin has both sides. Like that technological advances also has disadvantages, it includes

  1. It makes people lazy
  2. Social disconnect
  3. Job insecurity
  4. Increase in crime and terrorism through the internet
  5. Makes the human brain doom. 

You must be safe while using the Internet.

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