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Positive Effects Of Technology On Child Development – Are They Learning

positive effects of technology on child development

There are all kinds of students in the world. Some are bright enough to learn anything in whichever way they are taught while there are others who struggle a bit to learn new lessons. These children need extra effort and time to get along with bright students. It a scientifically proven fact that students learn more and faster when they can interact. They learn better if they can get engaged in any activity to learn. Therefore, using technology to interact with the children in the form of pictures, audio, videos, games, quizzes, etc. Help these children learn more and understand the Positive Effects Of Technology On Child Development.

Positive Effects Of Technology On Child Development

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Electronic references

The various dictionaries. Thesauruses, glossaries, books, videos. Tutorials, etc. Available to the students electronically at any point of time help them learn anytime they wish like studying. Sometimes they go through a word whose meaning they don’t know they can simply pull out the electronic device and check the meaning this way he surely learns something new every day.


Using multimedia to gain their attention and thus engage them within the lesson is a very smart way. Some children get bored in the middle of the lecture due to the teacher’s constant speaking and therefore cannot learn much. However, this multimedia interacts with the students which keeps the children entertained and help them learn as well.

Distance Learning

The students are now not dependent on one teacher that will take up a class in school every day. They can contact any teacher worldwide and learn through internet from their videos or lectures or asking queries. Distance education is becoming quite popular these days.

Every student has the right to study in whatever way he understands the best. Technology is emerging very fast in the education field and is trying to help each and every student to learn the best he can.

Digital Tools That Help Them Learn

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SeeSaw The learning journal

Seesaw is an android application that empowers students of all ages and classes to independently write and share all about what they are learning at school. It is an easy way to create blogs for your class and share anything you want you. By doing this, you improve your communication skills and build confidence. Teachers and parents can work together to encourage students and bring out the best in them.


Learn new skills and compete in challenges. Post your creations online and get reviews for it. This is what the DIY app is all about. The helpful feedback advises you on how to improve and if it followed, the child can develop as a person.


Everyday classroom actions and the internet can influence our life as a whole. Little appreciation and love shown can have a great impact in a positive way on the child’s mental health. There are some digital tools and apps to help do this and make themselves useful in a classroom or at home.

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