New Technologies Being Developed in China -

New Technologies Being Developed in China

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What Is Chinese State Censorship Doing?

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Chinese State censorship has been hampering the development of China Technology Development. The censorship is chiefly due to the pressure from the US State Department, which wants to promote Free Tibet and release the Dalai Lama. Recently, Microsoft announced that it would start a research center in China, which will provide internet services to small and medium businesses in China. But China doesn’t have much to gain with this.

What’s The Latest Case Regarding Apple In China?

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China has been trying hard to protect its intellectual property rights. There are many cases of foreign companies stealing technology and distributing it illegally through China merchants. Recently there was a case of Apple stealing coding from AT&T. When this happened; Apple notified all its China merchants immediately that they were no longer permitted to do business with them. So, what’s going on? Well, it appears that there isn’t much of a problem with stealing software and other intellectual property, as China merchants are doing just fine without the innovation.


One interesting new patent filing comes from Apple’s subsidiary Wahoo. They are trying to patent technology that makes it easy for people to checkmark their digital documents like their calendar or notes. Right now, it is almost impossible to checkmark properly on these electronic documents if you don’t have a good eye. This might open the door to allow people to mark their calendar events on digital documents without having to send the document through the mail or fax.

Virtual Assistants

Another interesting new technology development is virtual assistants. I can imagine that many Chinese people would instead hire a virtual assistant rather than paying a company or individual to do work for them. There is an exciting patent pending by one of these virtual assistants or VAS. Will the Chinese government approve this new technology? One possible sign is that the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office recently approved a Chinese firm to patent technology related to virtual assistant services.

New Identification Cards

A British company has filed a new form of identification cards. The cards include biometric features such as fingerprints and facial recognition. These would certainly make it much easier to verify the identity of individuals at the airport or bus terminal. It would indeed reduce the theft of wallets, purses, and other items of personal property.

Robotic Harvesting Technology

Finally, one exciting patent filed in China involves some type of robotic harvesting technology. This would undoubtedly be of interest to the military as robotic arms could be attached to harvest organs on live human beings. I can’t imagine how this would be welcomed in the west, but it does bring to mind the future of warfare. As China has one of the strongest military forces globally, this is one sure bet that we will soon see their robotic harvesting technologies in use.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it looks like China is setting the pace for the global community in regard to IT technology. Will you be one of the many that follow? It’s fun to speculate about the future. Only you can decide if the present is more than enough for you. Now, go out and explore the next frontier-the future of tomorrow.

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