Modern Technology Advantages And Disadvantages For Students -

Modern Technology Advantages And Disadvantages For Students

modern technology advantages and disadvantages

While smartphones, computers, and increasing internet speeds can boost the learning process for everybody but students need to be aware of the dangers that modern technology could cause them. In these advanced technology times, technological advancements have influenced the education system. Medicine, engineering, and architecture fields have got many things in a better way only because of modern technology, but technology also has a lot of drawbacks. Recently, there are a lot of allegations that make students lazy and contribute to obesity and other health issues. To understand this in more detail, check the modern technology advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of Modern Technology

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Independent Learning Is Easier

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The Internet offers you every piece of information in any field. It does not matter what you need to know; you can find everything online easily. But make sure that every source or data is not trustworthy, and students make use of the Internet without getting any guidance from parents or teachers. Students now can learn a lot of things if they have not attended their classes.

Amazing Future Preparation

It is but obvious that learning in the near future will entirely depend on technology. Students who make use of technology are encouraged to collaborate using digital technology. It is understood that technology plays an essential role in the education of kids in the future.

Lowered Textbook and Tuition Prices

Many resources are available now that are easily accessible. Students are not much dependent on textbooks, and the cost of textbooks has gradually decreased with the advancement in modern technology. Thousands of books are now converted into digital formats. As students aim at learning online, They are not much dependent on tuition. And as a result of it, the prices of tuitions have decreased.

Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Less Interest On Hard Work

Because of all types of information available online, students are now becoming lazier. They do not have the wish to study hard as they don’t even want to attend the classes properly. For them, teachers are no more necessary because of all the education available online.

Misuse of Technology

Computers, smartphones and other technologies are a tool of entertainment and students have lost their interest in education entirely. Textbooks are known for learning, and advanced technology has decreased the value of education, teachers, and textbooks. A student understands that modern technology is only for fun, but that is really not the case.


Computers aim at creating a lot of problems even if the computers are of high benefit for students. Students miss assignments because of computer malfunctions and several other problems. Students deal with a lot of stress because of slowed internet connections which makes them feel super demotivated.


When it comes to learning and teaching, technology serves you with both advantages and disadvantages. Modern technology advantages and disadvantages are not understood by humans properly that eventually hinders their growth. Try to find out the right ways to make use of technology properly when it comes to education.

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