Gimmicks - Best Sci-Fi Gadgets -

Gimmicks – Best Sci-Fi Gadgets

Gimmicks - Best Sci-Fi Gadgets

The most important sci-fi gadget that never came to pass, however, was the famous hoverboard. The inventors of this futuristic device claimed that their invention would revolutionize society, but it is hard to believe that they were serious about their claim.


These hoverboards were said to be so durable that it could withstand even the crashing of a large airplane. In fact, in one particular episode of the Twilight Zone, a boy broke his hoverboard while attempting to fly a plane. Although the boy survived the incident, it became a huge public spectacle.

It would have been much more exciting if the inventor of the hoverboard had simply invented a way to strap the board to his foot and fly away. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The practical impossibility of the invention would probably have been sufficient to discourage any of the inventors.

Gimmicks - Best Sci-Fi Gadgets
Gimmicks – Best Sci-Fi Gadgets

So why are air units, such as inflatable scooters and hoverboards, usually associated with gadgets? The truth is that there is no single best gadget. Instead, they all serve a different purpose, which varies depending on the target audience.

Gadgets For Entertainment

Most gadgets are aimed at the general entertainment purposes. However, there are certain categories of gadgets that have been specifically designed for more specialized purposes.

For example, the law enforcement department of the United States has chosen to give millions of dollars worth of tactical devices to its police officers. This particular gadget is something called the TASER or also known as the static electric discharge weapon.

The TASER can be used by police officers to control people during violent confrontations. It is designed to incapacitate the victim by applying a moderate electrical current that creates an extremely painful burning sensation.

Gimmicks - Best Sci-Fi Gadgets
Gimmicks – Best Sci-Fi Gadgets

The severity of the effect depends on the size of the person that is being shocked and the voltage of the electric shock. Although TASERs can be extremely useful, they are also very dangerous.

One Of A Kind

A sci-fi gadget such as this is not the kind of thing that the average man or woman would want to be strapped to their body. On the other hand, a similar appliance, called the mouth guard, can be worn by anyone, whether you are in the police force or just looking for an interesting hobby.

This kind of appliance is designed to protect your teeth and gums from being damaged. This is because it provides a wide array of benefits that include but are not limited to, protection from decay, air filtration, support, and strength.

Another great sci-fi gadget is the Nintendo Wii. It’s been known to help people stop from reaching their hand out. For something to throw, and is also able to guide them into the right position. Allowing the controller to move in a more intuitive manner.

Bottom Line

Although the game is meant to have a positive influence on people there is a major drawback. This gadget is that people can often become addicted to games. If you are interested in checking it out, head over to the official Nintendo website. YOu should read up on the features.

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