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Tech Development, Inc. is a technology driven company that designs, manufactures and delivers turbine air starters, compressors, pressure regulators, boost, flow gauges, controls, pressure switches, and many accessories. The Company serves oil and gas, mining, marine, aerospace, and industrial industries throughout the world. Some of their most popular products include Oil Change Turbochargers, Oil Change Inverters, Oil Change Timers, Control Pressure Relays, Combination Gauge/IO Regulators, Combination Gauge Timers/IO Resets, Oil Change Plugs/Cleaners, Oil Pump Gaskets, Oil Change Valves, Oil Filter Bodies, Oil Change Cylinder Cores, Oil Filter Pipes, Oil Fittings, Oil Heater Tubes, Auto Magnetic Rods, Separator Springs, Heat exchangers, Magnetized Motors, Vibrating Motors, Belt Drives, Vacuum Beltongs, Tial Boxes, Tial Oiling, Tension Springs, Couplings, Magnetic Bodies, and Alternator Sets. They are a global company serving the oil and gas industry.

The Practises


The company works with clients to help them develop an innovation strategy to become “green.” Green innovation is the next generation of high-tech, energy efficient, and highly sustainable innovations. Tech Development seeks to build a company culture that focuses on developing technologically advanced solutions that help our clients become more energy efficient, while becoming environmentally responsible. The company works as an catalyst for invention development through its technological innovation program and works with clients to help them create a business plan, as well as a business development plan to drive business goals. The company develops new product designs and helps clients find the innovation solutions that will meet their business needs and provide a sustainable competitive advantage. This will improve their bottom line and increase profitability. The goal of every company in this industry is to become a leader in technology for their customers.


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There are many reasons why companies need to implement an innovation strategy. One reason is that some markets just don’t have the resources to support innovative products and services. Another reason is that some markets just don’t have the talent to capitalize on those innovations. And yet another reason why companies need to implement an innovation strategy is because they are at risk of being taken over by their less creative or talented competitors.

The Crucial Factor

A critical part of any company’s process is its post-development strategic planning process. The project requirements are defined and the company has a vision. Based on that vision, they determine how to best use the available resources to achieve the project requirements. There are three types of steps involved in this process: planning, implementing, and controlling. The plan is developed based on the project requirements, which are identified during the analysis phase of the process.

The Skills

Tech professionals working in the technology field develop tools and techniques to overcome the obstacles that companies face when they try to implement these new strategies and technologies. One of those obstacles is the skill gap between what tech professionals know and what the companies lack in order to use those tools and techniques. Many companies need to employ more than one IT professional to deal with the overall project requirements. When project requirements are too large, there is not enough time to train the necessary tech professionals.

The Development

The third barrier is the talent and skill set needed to deploy the advanced skills needed to deal with the project requirements. These advanced skills include both software development and the ability to use the tools and techniques used in software development. When insufficient talent or skill are available, the company risks being unable to meet the project requirements. The only solution then is to hire additional skilled and fully-trained personnel from outside the company to bring the required skill and talent into the organization.

Wrapping Up

To solve the talent and skill gaps, it may be necessary to contract with outside companies that specialize in bringing the right kinds of people into the organization. Contracting to hire additional talent to meet the project requirements may prove to be an expensive endeavor though. In those cases where the company has no additional funding options, hiring additional experienced and highly skilled software development teams can provide the additional support to meet the project requirements. By contracting with an outside company that specializes in bringing highly-productive and experience IT professionals into the organization, the company avoids having to invest in purchasing new talent, while still having the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully implement those software development teams.

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