Applications Of Information Technology In Business -

Applications Of Information Technology In Business

information technology in business

All companies in all industries rely on information technology to provide them with the latest products and services.

Information Technology in Business is now an indispensable commodity. Without it, no company is able to effectively compete with other companies in today’s marketplace. The ability to obtain, store, retrieve, analyze, distribute and evaluate information has now become part of every business process. Information Technology in Business therefore refers to the various tools and methods used to support the business information systems. This can be in the form of the latest manufacturing processes, financial transactions, supply chain management systems etc.

Smooth Information Communications

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Businesses today use information technology in business to achieve specific business objectives. It is used for the product, customer and service management. It helps to optimize performance through information interactions and provides the necessary procedures for smooth information communications. Information technology in business thus refers to the interactions between various entities involved in the business processes. It enables the seamless exchange of information between the entities thereby enhancing business processes and providing smooth information interactions.

Information technology in business systems helps to derive or extract information from a variety of external sources. This information technology facilitates the generation of business intelligence. It is the process of getting information that enables you to take advantage of your opportunities and make decisions related to business processes. The process is holistic and involves cooperation among the different departments involved in the business. In fact, information technology in business systems has enabled the integration of diverse functions and departments that previously were not linked or related.

The Relationship Management System


One example of an application of information technology in business systems is the relationship management system. This system enables you to gain a full picture of your customers and understand their preferences and behavior. This enables you to provide them what they want by understanding their needs. Relationship management systems are the application of information technology in business systems that integrate all functional areas such as marketing, sales, customer care and other areas of the business to improve customer satisfaction and relationship management.

Social media has taken the business world by storm recently. Almost every large and small company today is using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for communication purposes. Social Media Tools Like Twitter For Fun

Social Media Tools Like Twitter For Fun

Many companies also use customer relationship management systems (CRM) and information technology in business systems for data mining, web analytics, and pre-sales services. Many companies are also taking advantage of social media marketing through viral campaigns which are popularized through Facebook and Twitter. YouTube also has an interactive marketing strategy where businesses can showcase videos relevant to their products or services for the purpose of viral marketing.

There are many people using online social media tools like Twitter for fun. However, they have many uses as well, and one such use is getting help from experts and professionals. Many companies are now using online tools like Twellow for the purpose of social research. By using these tools such as Twellow, users can track down people with similar interests and behaviors who share the same business interests.


Another application of information technology in business for business is through using social networks in cyber security. Cyber security is a major concern for many companies because of the way people use the internet. Most people today have one or more social network accounts on their computers. Most people in the cyber security industry believe that we will eventually see a cyber attack on our computers that can lead to total chaos.

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