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A Review of the New England Institute of Technology

new england institute of technology

The New England Institute of Technology has been established by the U.S. Department of Education. Established in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Institute provides online education as well as on-campus and campus instruction for degree seekers. It is a part of the Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school offers many programs that can fit in the schedule of the students.

The New England Institute of Technology provides associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees for various professional certifications. For students seeking professional certifications, they can enroll in courses leading towards a professional license or certification. Such professional certifications offered by the institute include CompTIA A+, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCSD, CCNP-SA, MCSE-SA, MCSA-+, and other certifications. Programs also offered by the New England Institute of Technology are Computer Networking, Database Security, E-Commerce Security, Information Assurance, Linux, NetWare-NG, NetIQ, Office Automation, Personal Computing, Public Administration, Security Compliance, Systems Development, Web-Based Methodology, and Visual Basic.

New England Institute Of Technology

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The institute also offers courses in business administration and accounting. It offers courses in hospitality and tourism management. Engineering students can choose between programs in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and chemical chemistry. In the nursing course, both part-time and full-time programs are available for the students. The institute also offers distance learning programs such as accelerated nursing programs, online associate degrees, certificate programs, and executive degree programs.

Associate degrees can be completed in less than two years and a bachelor’s degree in just one year. The programs provided by the New England Institute of Technology are flexible and suit the busy lifestyle of most of the students. Full-time students can opt for the short-duration programs and part-time students can opt for the full-time programs. Students have the option of attending the classes either at the New England Institute of Technology or at a local community college.

Courses offered by the institute also range from traditional coursework like human anatomy, physics, chemistry, and biology to more technical courses like information technology, software development, networks, and digital media. Some of the common courses that are regularly offered are Accounting, Arts and Humanities, Communications, Criminal Justice, Data Management, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, History and Society, Health Care, Human Resources, Law and Social Sciences, Management, Medicine, Non-Computing Technology, Occupational Therapy, Photography and Visual Arts, Science and Math, and Technology and Society. These courses are designed to prepare students to enter into a wide range of careers in areas such as information technology, computer science, math, applied sciences, health care, marketing, and business. Some of these courses also provide internship and graduate programs.

A Much Ado

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New England Institute of Technology also provides various other training programs for its students. For example, they offer Associate Degrees in Information Technology for those who want to break into this field. Students can choose to enroll in one of these courses or enroll in a multi-track course of study that will lead to an Associates’s Degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Systems Security and Software Training. They also offer Master Degrees in Information Technologies that focus on areas like Information Technology Management, Database Design and Administration, Cybersecurity Management, Internet Intelligence, Internet Marketing, and Visualization and Design.

The courses provided by the New England Institute of Technology also provide distance education training programs. These courses are provided by professional educators and professional training experts who have extensive experience in teaching. Students can complete these courses online at their own pace. Many of these courses offer online certification exams that allow future IT employees to get a number of job opportunities. The exams cover the most popular skills and areas of expertise.

Bottom Line

The New England Institute of Technology also offers a certificate program for those students who already have a significant amount of work experience in IT but who are not satisfied with their current status. Students can choose between the Associate’s Certificate in Information Technology or the Associate’s Diploma in Information Technology. The certificates and diplomas can be renewed every two years. The New England Institute of Technology also provides internship and associate degree programs. These programs offer job opportunities in IT companies and with public agencies. Students can also take advantage of the courses offered in specializations in specific fields, such as systems management, information technology security, software design, web technology, and others.

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