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4 Stages Of Technology Development In 2021

Stages of Technology Development

Technology in the 21

In-depth Research Towards Technology Development

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No matter what we do today, without excellent research, you can be ninety nine per cent sure that your innovation is futile. Research shows the gaps in a business model, society, generations and industries. Some may go for a public survey to know the mindset of a daily worker, a housewife or a student and then come up with relevant solutions to their problems. Therefore every technological industry must set up a research team who will keep the company or makers updated about the trend and problems from time to time.

Technology Development And Research Application

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Once the research is done, it is time to apply the research and ideate for the solutions of the problems that came up after the initial research. In this aspect, it is pertinent that one keeps the products and services offered by the competition in mind. Based on market research and analysis of crisis situations, one needs to check for the consumer’s reaction to new solutions.

Engineering And Manufacturing Of Technology Development

Once the solution has come up and the initial model of the design is decoded, industries have to create a prototype of the product or services. If the prototype succeeds, the next step is to manufacture the product in mass numbers to be sold to the consumers. For this, the manufacturer must amass raw material, metals, logistics and labor for the mass production of the product or services.

Marketing And Promotion

You cannot release the product as it is so doing another round of market research is inevitable. Start by selling samples of it to check the customer’s initial reaction. Send free samples and do a public survey to tick mark all the boxes of solutions that your product is set out to provide. It is a great time to add final touches to the product or redo something that you missed during the production process.

The next obvious step is the promotion of the product to launch it in the market. The manufacturer has to go for the digital presence, newspaper ads, billboards and other forms of promotion to introduce this product to its target audience.


In conclusion to these steps, once your product has started attracting customers and buyers, it is time to take in feedback. Keep improving and bettering your products depending on what your existing customers have to say to make it more relevant.

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